NOURISH Enriched Nail Polish

Anti-fungal Protein and Vitamin Enriched

NOURISH Nail Lacquers are Best

Nail polish is often called “the most toxic” cosmetic—with good reason. Scientific studies demonstrate a correlation between a variety of health problems in nail salon workers and daily exposure to chemicals in nail products.

Toxic Ingredients: Some brands of polish contain what is commonly called, “the toxic trio”—chemicals linked to a host of disorders, including cancer and developmental disorders. These chemicals include:

—Formaldehyde (regulated by OSHA as a carcinogen; listed in IARC Group 2A as a probable human carcinogen; allergenic/unsafe for asthmatics; may cause allergic dermatitis, irritation to eyes nose and throat).

—DBP/Phthalates (toxic to the nerves and endocrine system).

—Toluene (volatile central nervous system toxin, linked to headaches, eye and respiration irritation, fatigue, nausea as well as liver and kidney problems).

Fungus Risk Factor: By chemically damaging and trapping moisture against the nail plate, most nail polishes are considered risk factors for onychomycosis (unsightly and difficult to treat fungus infection of nails affecting 35 million Americans).

NOURISH Nail Lacquer:
• Is Enriched with Protein and Vitamins to Improve Nail Health
• Contain Tea Tree, Lemongrass and Thyme Oils, Natural Ingredients with Known Anti-fungal and Anti-microbial Activity (not an FDA-approved treatment for onychomycosis and not a substitute for fungus treatments only your doctor can provide).
• Is Toxin-Free: No Formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP
• Comes in a Variety of Luxuriant Colors
• Safe, Stylish and Sublime !

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